I’m currently 5th in line!

Yea im not even sure...the same thing happened at david harbour show where guard told m to move tarp but it was nice weather. Its insane though to think they set up a system for people to wait in line but say they cant stay dry especially when, honestly, the guards do so little for the actual line this year. They are hardly around all day, move the line for no clear reason at 7pm and care about a tarp for prprotection but not about like cutting.

True story last year for adam sandler I waited 20 hours and at 5am, 2 hours before tickets given out, these two ladies cut right behind me. I debated with them and after many excuses admitted they didnt want to not get in. I rarely ever tattle but for cutting 150 ppl...i told a guard and the guards response in front of other guards was "you said theyre behind you? If they're cutting behind you it doesnt effect you". Luckily i guess the women saw me talking to guard and it scared them off enough they left though no help to the person whos main job it is to help.

So I guess since then Its tempting to want to get away with something like a tarp or not listen to them. If they say put it away, i will until theyre gone and then just bring it back or hide the tarp well underneath all my belongings.

Sorry for the rant

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