I’m so disappointed in myself. Day 160 and relapse for no reason.

A few days ago I posted a short video of my garden on r/gardening. I was proud of the yard, how I put 10 years of work into it and thought that sub would appreciate it. For some reason you decided to comment with an arguably negative opinion and assumptions based on what you saw. We had a bit of back-and-forth. I couldn’t shake it though. One comment out of a couple of hundred. So today, I was going to go to your profile, check out any of your recent posts so that perhaps I could reply some smart ass remark to one of them. Then, I read this post about you relapsing. I just had reality slap me in the face. I’m sorry that you are having this struggle. One relapse does not define you. 160 days is an amazing accomplishment. You’ll be able to reach that again. Focus on now, right now. Yesterday was yesterday. It’s done, over. Move to right now. The other comment is correct. In another 160 days you willl have been sober for 319 days. That’s almost a year! You got this.

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