I’m dreading my first day of college

I totally get where you are coming from. I started getting really bad social anxiety and depression my senior year of high school and it had major impact in where I ended up going to school. I was not excited to meet new people and I put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed.

I eventually figured out that my lack of self love and self esteem caused me to put way too much weight on external factors for gaging my self worth. I honestly struggled my first year but I eventually figured it out and I'm so grateful for those experiences to look back on and realize how much I've grown.

The truth is, you're gonna be fine! It will be an adjustment and it's totally normal to be nervous. My only advice that helped me get through was to practice meditation and Journaling. It's important to stay grounded and connected with your thoughts and feelings so you can process them in a healthy way.

I also started doing affirmations, self love meditation, and putting more effort into my health and those things can greatly help with anxiety. It might always be there, but you can learn strategies for better handling it.

I'm wishing you luck! You're gonna grow so much and learn so much about yourself.

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