I’m a good Best Buy customer, The new customer service rep made me feel like I was a crook when making a return. I’ve never experienced this in my years as a long time customer. What, if anything, can I do?

Certain things, we do often check to ensure they aren't physically broken in any way. For example, we like to make sure TVs and laptops are functional and not cracked or anything like that so we can open box them and resell them. We aren't necessarily required to hook up and check Xbox and PS4 systems, because while they do go into our functionality check system, they also go to our Product Return Center. The more important thing here is just checking that all the components are in the box. If the device didn't work, they would likely still return it. It would probably just raise flags to them if you had said nothing was wrong with it, and then they plugged it in and it didn't work, which was not the case in this situation. To answer the third part of your post, yes, Best Buy employees are still supposed to treat customers making returns as if they are still valued as customers. While it is not necessarily unusual for the employee to test the unit while you are there, if you feel as if the employee genuinely did not want to help you or had some sort of attitude towards you, if you PM me the store number I'll give you the operations manager's email and you could follow up with them as they do tend to take these things seriously. However, they will likely just reprimand the whole attitude and unwillingness to help rather than the physical opening of the product. I understand how some customer service reps can seem like they don't want to help you and it is a very annoying and awkward experience to deal with so if that is truly the case here, the GM's email is listed on each store's page on bestbuy.com, but it's best to email the ops manager IMO because they are usually those directly above CSRs and other front-end positions and would be the ones in charge of any formal talking-tos and whatnot.

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