I’m just tired.

Not everyone who has PCOS has shaving issues. I can only speak for myself. I had extremely course black hair on my legs (full legs, including inner thigh). Not only was it course but it was plentiful. If I shaved when the hair was long it was OK (but it returned the next day). It grew faster than weeds. Even when I waxed it grew back quickly. The stubble came in, some still under a thin layer of skin. When I shaved I would nic myself, on top of that, my sensitive skin couldn't handle more shaving (only once per week). Even then, it didn't look good, you could see the dark hair beneath the skin.

The inner thigh was the worst. If I shaved or waxed there I would get painful welts that lasted for weeks. They were extremely painful. I had no choice but to have my legs lasered, luckily I am in Canada where it is cheaper (I feel bad for people in the US, it's so expensive there).

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