I’m lonely

I mean, I think a lot of the stuff posted here and a lot of the 'new age' spirituality is kind of ridiculous. Finding your inner peace and learning to navigate the struggles of life are one thing. Living in a drug-fueled/inspired delusion and rejecting reality aren't healthy, nor are they conducive to convincing others the explore their own spirituality.

I've seen so many people lean into 'spirituality' to help resolve their problems, but then fall trap to relying on 'mysticism' to 'fix' things instead of actually addressing them.

Casting a spell isn't going to fix your problems.

Like, you talk about dragons coming to you and lucifer speaking to you and all this stuff. Then you say you're pretty much a dragon. Like what. You went from being an atheist to believing you're a dragon. That is NOT a healthy progression.

I think you need to lay off the drugs for a little bit, because no one is going to take you seriously besides those living the same delusion.

People use spirituality and religion as a crutch far too often to remove blame from themselves for their actions and choices.

Believe what you want, and as long as your beliefs don't harm others, then go for it.

OP may not like the answer to their problems, but they need to put themselves out there. They need to put effort into finding ways to connect with the average human beyond diving into the 'divine'. Relationships and friendships don't just happen, they need to be sought after and cultivated. It doesn't get any easier by simply ignoring it. I'm not saying completely discard their personality or beliefs, but not everyone has that same belief, and many are going to consider it irrational. The only thing people can control is themselves, so take control and begin taking baby steps towards the goals you want to achieve.

You want a relationship? Start dating, learn to be vulnerable, learn to accept rejection.

You want to find friends with common interests? Join clubs and groups and actually go. Make an effort to learn more about people and show a genuine interest in them.

"People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel."

If your actions are constantly making people feel uncomfortable to the point they don't want to interact with you, change your actions.

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