【m】Mastery Survey - 5★ Magicite Dungeon, Lakshmi (VI)

  1. **Strategy name:** Search Reddit for ideas!

  2. **Boss:** Lakshmi

  3. **Describe your Strategy:** Golbez Chain, Fastcast USB, Cloud USB1/3

`2/3 trinity`/`hastega`/`medica`

  1. ***Insight!:***

    * Used Fabula Raider instead of wall

    * Ignis CM2 Jecht, CM2 Cloud, wrath, entrust cloud, wrath entrust aerith, wrath and keep incase need BSB for haste

    * Aerith Shellga, Fabula Raider, spam curada, USB2 when nuked, shellga after 1st USB2

    * Jecht starts with USB2, 2 x MoD, Spam Demon's cross. Unicorn around 1st diaga after poltergiest to Astra

    * Golbez, Banishing strike, spam MoD, CSB and refresh when CSB about 15-20% left

    * Grand Charge x 4, USB1, Grand Charge x 1, USB3, Evil Swing, Grand Charge, Evil Swing, Grand Charge, USB1

  2. **Holy Trinity casts:**

    * Wall: 0

    * Medica: 2-3

    * Hastega: 3

  3. **S/L count / Medals lost:** Medal lost 0

  4. **Time:** 29.5

|Hero, dive|Ability 1|Ability 2|RM+LMR|SB(-)|


|Golbez, 5| Banishing Strike R4 | MoD R4|LM1, LM2, Lionheart|CSB(2)|

|Aerith, 5| Shellga R3 | Curada R4|LM2, LMR, TGM|USB2(2-3)|

|Cloud, 5|Evil Swing R2|Grand Charge R4|LM1, LM2, +30% Elemental weakness |default(-)|

|Ignis, 2.5|Entrust R3|Wrath R5|LMR, MM|BSB (1)|

|Jecht, 5|MoD R2|Demon's Cross R4|LM1, LM2, DMT|USB2 (3)|





|Mind 5|Emp dark 15|Health 5 Attack 15|Fastcast 8|Holy res 10|


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