I’m my boyfriends first girlfriend?

You found a silly putty bf. Teach him the ropes and mold him in the man you want. It's not a lack of interest, he's laconic because he doesn't know how to make small talk. He might think it's cheesy to text or can't think of what to say. You can't think of couple activities if you're a legit a blank slate, that comes through experience. He's being passive because you're like a fun adventure that is happening to him, not the other way around.

Assume the lead and be greedy as fuck, put him through hours of watching sad, girl movies, long walks, going to antique markets and all the ebola activities girls want to do. He'll eventually push back and be assertive about what he prefers, assertive about when he wants booty, about when he wants your attention because you've deprived him of it and he's accustomed to more.

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