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- Hexui, released in Jan 2014, has had 6 detections and their latest detection was Feb, 2017 (nearly 3 years with no banwave.)


- RoyalHack has been a game cheating company since 2007, detected once in May, 2018 and once sometime in 2011 and 2014 if I'm not incorrect. 3 detections in over 10 years is an outstanding record.


- Bithax released in 2015, never been detected and is quite underground/unknown which decreases its chance of being detected

RoyalHack has a nice set of developers, and OG's support it. Hexui's coder is reputable and smart enough to have made an ESEA cheat he's currently selling which is difficult to do; I think that says enough about the quality of his code. Bithax coder started off releasing small cheats on MPGH then made his own pay-to-cheat, it's been undetected ever since but I would say it's the least quality of all 3 hacks (not saying it's bad, just the least experienced developer)

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