I’m not going to my dad’s birthday party, he can cry if he wants to.

The common misconception is that ocd manifests itself through repetitive actions but our thoughts play a huge role too and thus why we have intrusive thought ocd which is treated and viewed from a completely different perspective than those of us, including myself, that have ocd where we have to count things, repeat actions, etc.My sister was diagnosed with this form of ocd in her high school years and attended cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT) treatment. It was a very frightening time for her as she was having horrible and scary thoughts including visions of her harming others. I didn't know it for a while because shes an extremely private person but she almost killed herself over this. She assumed the thoughts/obsessions instantly made her an evil person. She would describe feelings of loss of control of self and worried greatly she would hurt others. Really, the best thing for her was to say OK i have this illness and its an illness not something wrong with me. Now when she has bad thoughts we have learned to tackle them head-on with humor. Her psychologist taught her this method of acting like its just her brain telling a joke or something. I know it sounds really odd but theres really something to it. Im going to go ahead and stop here as I now realize massive wall of text I just typed but I really encourage you to explore the different manifestations of ocd and possibly CBT. Us humans are just funny little creatures and we can't be expected to control all our thoughts! Please don't feel you're going through this alone. I'm here for you and would be happy to help anyone here!!! Hang in there!

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