I’m not quite sure how my type of question is going to be perceived on here, so forgive me if this comes off as a little too needy.

Doesn't seem like you are one who is going to take this well. However, feel like it should.

  • Reddit and wikiHow over actually googling wrestling schools in your state/neighboring states?

  • See a shrink. Seems like something going on. That I don't want to armchair diagnose as depression or self esteem issues

  • You know you are at best a 2500 to 1 shot. To get to AEW let alone NXT in 5 years right?

  • Get as many fall back options as possible now. Do you know web design? Get a portfolio of your work.If you have an actual Indy promotion in your area. Get in contact with them and send your work. May say no but at least it's a step.

  • See a dietician and get a personal trainer. Focus on improving your mental and physical health.

Not saying wrestling isn't an option. Just feel like reddit and wikiHow in this situation. Is a lazy way. As you don't get any questions answered by someone who actually trains wrestlers. Or even someone in the actual business.

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