I’m probably gonna buy Origins myself but this is a mediocre defense regardless

Probably a hot take, but I don't think Sonic Origins is worth $40.

I remember when Sonic Mania came out, and it was a brand new Sonic game that had new mechanics, new special stages, entirely new levels, new remixes, new compositions, new bosses and tons of other brand new stuff that many people saw as a return to form. And that game at the time, was $20 brand new. Even factoring in that Encore DLC, which gave us two brand new character modes in the 2D style and a new duo mode (yes, I know I'm emphasizing the "new" a lot), that still only added up to $25, maybe $30 if you got the physical bonus release that came with an artbook and everything.

And it even had animations too. An opening and closing animation, and heck, it even had six entire Mania Adventures episodes for free on YouTube to promote it.

Now compare it to Sonic Origins.

It's the same four Genesis games that people have found ways to play for years and years now. Sonic 1 and 2 are on everything, Sonic 3 and Knuckles are on Steam, Mega Collection, Xbox, etc. And Sonic CD got a full-on Whitehead remaster years ago in widescreen and everything. These are games that people have played and had access to over and over again.

And people have said things like "but Mania is one game and Origins is four", yeah true, but these are four Genesis-era games that have been ported countless of times, and three of these four games were already available in widescreen on mobile as it is. The only game that really had issue was Sonic 3 and Knuckles, and we still don't know how they're handling the soundtrack situation. Not to mention, I think all of these games are on the same engine anyway, so it's like a Crash or Spyro trilogy situation.

Outside of these four games, what else is it offering? The same games again, but in 4:3 and limited lives, the same games again but in consecutive order, a bunch of missions, a sound test, and a museum. Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic Gems Collection, and I think even Sonic Jam had a large music test and museum built into them.

In all honesty, I think the perfect pricing for this collection, should've been $25 for the complete thing. Because as it stands, it seems like they were worried that the Genesis games on Steam were gonna make people get those instead of the brand new Origins package... but if Origins really did offer enough to justify the $40-45 price tag, then the ones on Steam wouldn't be threatening it.

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