[M/s] Gonna Get Drunk and Confess to my Mom Tonight

Don't compliment too much, seriously. Keep them bad boys at bay, until things get sexual, then unleash them

"You taste amazing" - (While giving head - her juices - not a cannibalism thing...)

"Wow"/"Amazing" - This is all that needs be said, nothing needs to be added to wow/amazing.

Sometimes one word sentences are complete sentences. Also, don't use the same word too many times, so if you state you taste amazing, use "Wow" instead of "amazing" as a stand alone statement. Of course all is null and void in the moment, and you should focus on the moment, but practicing when alone, simple statements, will make them come naturally later (Works for any word/phrase, think YOLO, catches on through repetitiveness and not through it's meaning)

The thing about compliments in a conversation - It kind of destroys the conversation. You say, "you're beautiful", she spend the next 10 minutes wondering if you were lying to make her feel better or if you actually considered her beautiful. Then the next 10 minutes wondering if you meant anything by it, and during all of this, is only sort of paying attention to what you are saying.

Also, within 20 minutes. That's your time frame. Within 20 minutes of confessing, about minute 10 after confessing, she will be thinking heavily on what it would be like, especially if you stay in the room (STAY IN THE ROOM). It is during this window that you need to move, when you catch her stealing peaks at your crotch, or she starts flirting, this is your window. It's on her mind, and move fast, don't ask for things, guide her (Take charge) yet if there is resistance, you need to let the fuck go. You don't want to hurt this person, you want to love them, RAPE IS NOT LOVE.

However if you guide her into the bedroom and there is no hesitation, ask "Are you ready" or something similar as opposed to "Are you sure you want to have sex" Keep exacts off the table, stop labeling it, let it be an unlabeled 'it' for now. You both know what you mean when you say "Are you ready?" and when that yes or head nod comes, you can be completely sexual until it's over, or until she second guesses herself (Which will probably be the next morning, try fucking her again in the morning to silence the doubts - in actuality by being selfish and fucking her again, you actually help her to deal with the uncertainty of both your actions (Basically self-slut-shaming).

OFC there is the other way it could go, some people have VERY STRONG morals, and will not cross previously made lines of thought/actions deemed immoral. She may say no, even if you are the sexiest fucker out there, simply due to beliefs.

Also, this quite simply, does not apply to every woman. I will say, that statistically, by using the words described above, success is more likely when used on non related people. Literacy and self respect/confidence are huge turn ons for anyone, even dudes are like "Damn I wish I was that cool" towards men who have these character traits. If you text, do not write "hy, wchu wnna do l8r?" Write: "Hey Girly, I'm going to The Cinema to watch "Generic Movie" and thought you may want to join me" Write: "I am going to the park at 2 to walk "dog name", was wondering if you wanted to stroll through the park with us"

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