I’m sick of food!!!

Yes, he lives with me and I know he needs to eat. When I’m capable of cooking and eating I always make sure he likes it too. He just eats when he wants to otherwise and never considers me. He doesn’t hear what I say, even though we’ve discussed this so much I’m exhausted. I am housebound due to severe arthritis pain. I can’t walk without pain and he hears me crying like I am right now and just stays on his computer. Oh, that’s after cooking himself food and again not considering me. Just ask! He says he loves me and thinks that makes it all better. He always has one foot out the door. Can’t say I blame him. I just want to be heard. Or thought of, not an afterthought. There’s so much going on that it would take forever to explain. Thanks for the interest. I must be in the wrong place.

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