I’m submitting one app and one app only.

In high school, I liked arguing and being right. Through college, pre-law, and a paralegal certificate, I learned what was right by the books and how the US isn’t really following the books. So I decided that’s the right I wanted to argue for. It’s always been this path. It took me more years than I care to admit to figure out if it actually was, the whys and the how’s, but it’s something I keep coming back to.

At the moment, I’m gunning for opening and managing the HR department at this start up. I worked in a lot of shitty places where HR was slow, not helpful at all. I know they work for the company and not the employees, but their lack of everything made things frustrating on all ends. I want to be able to grow a department that functions effectively and efficiently with the company, but also with the employees.

Also, at my job, we work with a lot of H1-B sponsorships, and I witnessed the stress first hand of possibly losing a well loved and truly skilled employee if the lottery didn’t work in his favor. I could see doing something in immigration law being my ultra long game.

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