I’m tired of dealing with my parents racist BS

I'm sorry you're in that position. It's really sad that this is the world we live in. It seemed like we had made so much progress prior to Trump's election, but apparently it was all just an illusion and the terrible people were merely hiding in silence.

It's funny, because years ago, I would argue to my parents that we shouldn't be bombing innocent civilians, and they agreed, because Obama was president, and he's obviously the anti-christ. Killing innocent people is wrong!

Then Trump became president, and suddenly it wasn't wrong anymore. It was "putting America first". Then when a lot of the Russia stuff started coming out about Trump, my parents were saying that it doesn't matter if Russia or Trump illegally meddled with our elections- we do it all the time, therefore we deserved it. Of course, I then say, "ok, so do we also deserve to have our hospitals and schools bombed? Should other countries just murder our civilians because our government is evil and does that to other countries? My dad somewhat-sarcastically said yes and immediately changed the subject.

But yes. Things have gotten bad. For almost 10 years, I was a Republican, because I am for limited government. All throughout college, people called me racist simply because I'm a white, male republican who disliked Obama. I got so upset, because it wasn't true. I legitimately disagreed with Obama's platform, but they relentlessly asserted that I, along with all other Republicans were racist and evil. I would try to argue that most Republicans actually just cared more about economic freedoms, and that the social conservatism was just pandering to special interest groups. It wasn't the focal point of their platform. Oh, how naive I was.

Fast forward to last year. With Trump's election, a large portion of the country, dominantly Republicans, have shown their true colors. Race really is the biggest issue in their eyes. They see nonwhites as a disease that is destroying this country. Needless to say, by January last year, I had mailed in the paperwork to re-register as "no party affiliation". I'm not a republican anymore!

But still, you hear things about the Black Lives Matter movement. "They're just terrorists. Their kind just wants reasons to loot, steal, and attack our honest, honorable policemen. This is why we need to militarize our police." I'm thoroughly ashamed of the things I hear from both family and friends alike. "Muslims are trying to infiltrate and overthrow our country. Remove them all!" "Bulid a wall!" "I'm not racist. I support Trump because of Hillary's emails; it's not at all about race. We need someone with 'class' in the Whitehouse, after those trashy Obamas disgraced the country." I disliked the Obamas, but I will easily admit that they completed their term with incredible grace and class. Aside from his skin color, his biggest social scandal while in office was wearing a tan suit. Yet, so many people still passionately hate them, even now that they're out of power. They're so bitter that a non-white person was in power.

It's horrible, and it sucks you have to deal with it so intensely at a personal level. I almost want to encourage you to bring home a black girl, just to upset them, but really, that wouldn't do any good. It'd be uncomfortable for her, and strain your relationship with your family. There would be fighting, and you're likely not going to convince them to change their core beliefs. You're in a tough situation and I'm not sure there's any winning. Honestly, I'd try to make them feel guilty somehow. That's the best I can come up with.

All I can say is good luck, and try to hang in there. As over-said as it is, more fighting and hatred isn't going to make people change. Only through exceptional virtue and the appeal to the goodness within bad people will you stand any chance. It's exhausting, but don't give up.

Sorry for the massive wall of text. I wanted to vent a bit about this issue too!

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