I’m tired of seeing all of these ads for Republican candidates. This state needs CHANGE.

The Democratic party in Arkansas is completely useless. And because they are, many of us suffer under a statewide theocracy headed by the Southern Baptist church as well a few other evangelical denominations.

The least Arkansas Democrats could do is push Republicans down on the playground occasionally, steal their lunch money, or call them bad names. But fuck, we can't even get them to do that.

What if Arkansas Democrats came out and said, based upon josh Duggar: "Arkansas Republicans support pedophiles?" Or, accuse an Arkansas Republican politician of "sleeping with women who are not his wife," even though there's no proof? Or, "Tom Cotton has a reputation for being part of the gay community?" Or, "Look at Republican businesses that stole money from the US Government during the pandemic?" Or, explore the amount of church money exploited by Republican aligned preachers?

They're gonna lose in Arkansas for the next 20 years anyway, might as well give it a shot.

To be sure, the above statements are the extreme, but you can damn well bet Republicans will do it to Democrats first. We are in the era of mud slinging. But the only thing Arkansas Democrats will sling is their car keys on the counter when they get home from the club.

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