I’m so tired of trying to be environmentally & socially thoughtful - I’m don’t think I’m making a difference. Please tell me I’m wrong.

I think that we can make a difference.. or at least I want to die trying.. because of the environmental facts and my ethics I decided to go vegan and even though no one in my family or friends does it, I feel like a need to do it.. it's more expensive, it's harder, there's not a lot of places for eating outside.. but that's ok..

Recycling has become kinda hard where I live and the amount of plastic that people use is stupid.. I've got into arguments with people that defends that they are going to die anyway so it doesn't matter.. I mean.. w- what?! I understand your frustration.

We are a minority, we live in a complicated situation, but I feel like it's just time before more people take this lifestyle.. at least I want to believe so and I feel that changes start with little steps.. don't worry about it.. you're not alone..

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