I [M27] disengage from women who show interest in me, and it's sabotaging potential relationships.

what you have to ask yourself is, what do you want from a relationship? lets say you meet the ideal partner and your wandering eye shuts down. what are the timetables in that relationship? do you want a family? can you provide for a family? what are you doing right now that will provide you the life you want in 5 to ten years?

its really important that you can answer those questions, and don't date around to try and find the answer. its cool though, you know that you can find love and attraction easily. now, focus on yourself, and only go for ones you really want.

if your goal is really to find a partner, you have to eliminate temptation. if you like having a bunch of different partners who come in and out of your life, then maintain friendships with the people you hooked up with. i think this presents as a problem nowadays; people want to be nice and not end a FWB/short relationship on a cold note, so they stay in touch. periodically, they hook up - or they don't - but its silly to act like the possibility doesn't exist. if you are someone with weak discipline, then you must eliminate the possibility of reaching out to other women when it gets hard.

it sounds unrelated but i promise it'll sharpen your focus on what you're looking for. also you need to be careful that you don't end up in a situation where you're always thinking: "its easier to get a new relationship than work through / communicate with the person i'm seeing now". that happens a lot; no one is perfect.

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