[M4F] 20 questions for the ladies, if you are feeling brave post your answers to the comments.

1.) How often do you masturbate? never did, I would rather wait for a guy

2.)When was the last time you had sex and was it good? First time- it was confusing

3.) What is your favorite thing to do on DPP? First time here

4.)What would you say is your best physical feature? My Tits of 36 d and waist line 34 5.)What is the most attractive physical feature on a guy? or a girl? Strong hands and manly body with flat stomach

6.)Whats the oddest thing thats ever turned you on and you don't know why? I dont say it is oddest thing, but songs of Bruno Mars turns me on insanely 7.)Favorite thing to masturbate to? some really hot gifs - not to masturbate, but to touch and play with my tits 8.) Favorite thing to wear when you want to feel sexy? any tight clothes which reveals more skin 9.) Craziest thing you've ever done sexually irl and on DPP Nope not done any 10.) Favorite sexual position? On top, revenge sex, sorry sex 11.)When you are with a guy and he cums where do you like him to cum? tits

12.) Whats the kinkiest thing you've ever done for a guy? dancing, teasing with deep cleavage tops when he has to concentrate on his work 13.) If you wanted to role play as a fictional character who would you be and why? Titanic - love the movie 14.) Do you prefer Dom or Sub or something in between? Sub and something in between 15.)What are you wearing right now? Towel 16.) What sexual fantasy have you wanted to try but haven't gotten to yet either in real life or on DPP sex in ocean 17.) What person do you fantasize about the most? My crushes 18.) What sexual experince have you tried either on DPP or in real life, and would never do again? Anal sex 19.)When you give oral are you a spit, swallow, or shoot it on your body kind of girl? shoot it on body 20.)When you have sex are you quiet, a moaner, a sceammer, or a dirty talker? quiet or a dirty talker

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