I made another new city. Do you guys like it?

New thread + lineup here!

Tracklisting so far here.

Anyway, you're the forty-first guy up! The rules:

  • Please end at any BPM of your choice up to 220. You can change the BPM to anything you want during your set as long as it ends within this range. Use this MP3 to continue where the last DJ left off (t+pazolite - Saw-Saw). (This track seems to be 220 at quadruple time (880).)

  • You are not restricted to only the type of music you listed in your original application. Feel free to play anything you think will sound nice in your mix as long as it hasn't been played yet!

  • Let your final track play out completely so the next DJ can continue where you left off

  • Let your mix, from beginning to end, be anywhere from 29:00 to 34:00

  • Audio watermarks and talking on mic are allowed if used conservatively

  • Please don't apply any post-processing to your mix (including compression)

  • Also don't brickwall or clip your mix — stay out of the red on your mixer! Dynamic range is your friend

  • Link me to a downloadable MP3 in 320kbps and send me your tracklisting when you're done!

  • If possible I want to have your mix by February 25 (2 days). This project is going very slowly so we need to try to get through as many people as quickly as possible. If I don't receive any reply from you within 2 days, however, you'll have to be skipped and we'll move onto the next person. Extensions may be allowed if requested, but no guarantees.

If you have any questions please ask!

Have fun! :)

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