I made a grown man cry literal tears today. Found his lost wedding ring in his car while it was in for service. Found lodged in a seat rail, only a little scratched. I think I’ll get a 10/10 on my survey now.

Healthcare can be a pain in the ass though being nice. I had to get surgery to fix my broken arm, and developed a palsy. Most palsy's fix themselves in about a month. Mine didn't. Took over a year, and lots of physical therapy.
I called my insurance at the time (Kaiser, whom I now know never to go to again) asking if there is anything they can do to help with the unexpected medical bills, and the only way to do that would be to file a complaint against the doctor.
He hadn't done anything wrong. They even did a second surgery to see if they had screwed up in the first, filming a video which was reviewed by my brother (who is a surgeon). No mistakes had been made. I was just one of the unfortunate cases where this happens.
Ultimately I chose not to file the complaint, but it really made me realize how some people may be forced into a position to blame people who aren't to blame.

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