I made a million dollars at 25, now I'm lost and depressed.

Why not create a business yourself? I feel exactly the same way about money (and really follow a similar path actually) and i never quite felt the same sense of achievement when someone else worked for my money. Do something that you can direct your focus on it but it must be large and diverse enough for all the energy and focus you put in it to have room to disperse (ie. It's big enough that you wont get bored). That could be your own business or a hobby.

Personally, ive tried various professions from nursing to security contractor overseas to co-owning a traffic products and metallurgy company my brother. (currently. Goes OK but nothing that could ever intellectually satisfy me, hence not planning to co-own too much more). Besides that i run my own side projects, mostly hobbies turned a little bit more serious but i expect those to create only some initial "buffer" cash for what comes next. And im missing around 2k for the shed extention of one of them. Care to invest? BTC accepted too. Lol

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