This made my heart hurt

I don’t live or work in the US (hopefully will at some point in the near future) so I can’t answer for others.

The way I see it- medicine is a very demanding field, and it depends on each person how they handle that.

Many people feel that their jobs are a part of their lives but not their entire lives- those people are valid in their own place.

As someone who grew up in a culture and family where sacrificing basic needs like food and sleep for our careers was the norm, I see medicine as willing slavery. My own parents are doctors and they have lived for 35 years not taking any time at all for themselves because that’s how their environment was. In my entire life, my family and I have gone on exactly 3 family vacations- which added up to a grand total of 10 days. My parents worked 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, and sometimes a few extra hours here and there. And we lived a typical Indian middle class life for most of those years (basically, scrounging and saving at every point, with my parents denying themselves basics like the master bedroom so us kids would have place for our beds and study tables), until recently when they started earning more money.

The vast majority of humans would find this kind of life horrible and appalling- and it probably is. But that’s what medicine requires of you, especially in resource-poor settings like my country.

When I went into medicine myself, I went in fully prepared to give up any semblance of peace and recreation in my life. I studied for 18 hours a day 7 days a week for 2 years as a teenager to even crack the exam to get into medical school. I have zero hobbies and never had the time to learn anything new. Never played sports or went out with friends. I did nothing but study every waking moment from the age of 12 to get to where I am.

So, when you demand better treatment from your medical professionals- keep in mind that these are the sacrifices you’re demanding of them.

Is it fair to expect this out of another human? That’s up to each person to decide for themselves.

Personally I am too conditioned into this life and have never known anything else, so I am happy with my career and happy with the prospect of doing nothing but working all my life. I have moments where I feel it’s not worth it, but the conditioning kicks in- I am incapable of taking a 20 min lunch break while at work without feeling guilty- so I used to work 50 hour shifts on one full meal and maybe a tiny snack.

No, nothing has happened to medical professionals because of the pandemic- the lacunae in the system have just become more obvious to patients. Medicine is a brutal field in most countries, and medical professionals are also victims of the system.

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