I made my own Fazbear Fright website. I will add more later on. What should I add and what should I remove? Feedback? And please alert me if you find any spell errors. I want it to be like if the attraction really existed.

The main problem I see with these websites is the lack of formality or appropriateness in the text. I'm going to be honest, and say this is the best mock website I've seen yet, but I feel some of the text, mainly the animatronics text, needs some polish.

On the main page, the "Introducing our brand new attraction" text should include the title of the place in the bold, and be a line above the rest of the text. Apart from this, this page is very well made! I like the puppet being placed at the bottom - although I feel a gif would be better.

I'm rather picky about the animatronics page, although it's laid out rather well (assuming images are supposed to be to the right of the text). To save you hearing me babble on, I'll rewrite it how I think it should be written - if you disagree with me, feel free to ask why I think that way or ignore me.

Foxy The Pirate Fox

One of the most iconic characters of the Freddy Fazbear crew, Foxy's worn out and torn up body was mysteriously retired after a rather secluded event referred to by staff members as "The Bite of '87," where a person apparently was bitten by an animatronic, leading to the loss of their frontal lobe. Because of the hidden nature of this event, however, we don't know how it happened - or even which animatronic is guilty.

Chica the Chicken

While she may not be a duck, this animatronic won't be hesitant to stare rather intimidatingly at staff or adults - but not children. Her "Let's Eat!" bib, which is mostly worn off, is not one to mislead you - she was always found supervising the kids as they ate.

Bonnie the Bunny

"One of the very first characters created, Bonnie has gone through multiple redesigns - from being a blushy-cheeked toy-like animatronic, to a golden suit, to the violet painted version on display here. He was often described by those who opposed the animatronics as "violent," with rumours of blood stains being found on his body...

Freddy Fazbear

"Are you ready for Freddy? As the main animatronic, Freddy is commonly perceiver to be the original character that characterised the pizzeria. This brown bear was the lead singer of the band created out of the leading trio - although, with the amount of redesigns he has gone through, calling him a chameleon wouldn't be wrong! Mysterious, stained fingerprints can be seen on his head if you look carefully - could this be evidence for the Bite of '87?

Prototype Suit

"This golden suit, which is presumably of Freddy, is not an animatronic, but rather a suit for somebody to wear. However, due to a high amount of complaints about staff around the suit feeling uneasy and sick, and even rumours of hallucinations, the suit has been put into storage, and is not currently on display."

As I said, feel free to ignore me/edit my edits if you think my re-writings were bad.

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