MAGA hat boy's mother blames 'black Muslims' for her son harassing Native American man

Damn dude. That is mature of you. I give you credit, seriously. IMO you don't even have to apologize for making a genuine mistake, either. It happens and we've all done it at some point. No worries, man. Good luck with the Reddit-break though, cuz actually I know this website in particular can get toxic, and I personally find that I am psychologically better when I am not spending much time here. Cuz a few years ago, I was spending a ton of time on this website and man, let me tell you, it had serious negative effects my life. I am talking like serious negative effects on my personal life and I think even my health. Of course everyone is different.

Yeah like I said tho, good luck anyway dude. And again good on you, that is a level of maturity and decency that I almost never see on this site.

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