MAGA mom on Twitter violates a child's privacy, then follows it up with sexualized comments and threats.

I don't know what it's like from a cis perspective myself, but I have plenty of cis friends who have talked about it, and I feel like a main thing is that when you're cis you can look forward to puberty stopping. Like, you're miserable and greasy and hormonal, but you can at least go "god, at least when this is over I might turn out attractive." There's an end goal that you can look forward to; you can fantasize about being an adult where you're hot and cool and stuff.

But, for me, not even knowing what being trans or nonbinary was, there wasn't anything to look forward to. The end result of it was inherently terrifying no matter what. The things that were happening made me want to claw my own skin off and I thought they would be like that for the rest of my life. You could have told puberty age me "When you're an adult you'll look like a famously beautiful actress." and I would do anything possible to avoid it.

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