Magic the Gathering bans racist cards in response to recent events

I feel like it may be prudent to point out to those who don't know but; MTG uses mana of different colors loosely based in elements. Black, White, Blue, Green, and Red to represent swamps, plains, islands, forests, and mountains; respectively. They also loosely translate to themes. Black is death and evil, white is good and pure, blue is water and wizardy, green is strength and nature, and red is fire and blasting shit apart.

So, when something says "all white creatures" they are referring to creature cards cast with white mana, or Plains

I just hope folks who don't know better don't get shocked by the phrasing. They're not say "blacks" but rather black cards. Colors are not monopolized by racialTo put simply, cops are not what makes people not commit crimes. People have respect without a threat of violence. I do not rob another person only because I'd get in trouble...I don't do it because it would be wrong. I also accept that bad people exist (for sake of argument, a truly bad person and not somebody forced into shitty situations be societal woes or other circumstances).

I'm not against able folks willing to help where needed but they need to be hekd to the highest of standards. Again, anything less is unacceptable and should not even be entertained. tensions. I don't have African-American t-shirts...I have black t-shirts and everybody knows I'm referring to the actual color of my shirt and nit somebody's racial identity.

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