A magical pet store is open, but the good pets are too expensive, what magical pets you find in the discount section?

Reading through that enrages me. I absolutely despise picky eaters.

Literally, one of the best decisions I ever made in my life in order to bring myself closer to happiness was to start ordering things off the menu as they come. As they are meant to be made, and fully up to the chefs descretion. Since I started doing this I've gained new-found respect for so many cultures out there, so many spices, and have basically quintoupled the amount of favorite dishes I have overall. It feels like I find a new #1 absolute favorite dish every 3 months or so now.

To think tons of people live out there that turn their noses up at anything that isn't puzza, mac & cheese or comes in a Micky'dees bag makes me lose faith in humanity- but I don't know why I hate them that much. It's their loss and doesn't hurt anyone but themselves, but it still makes me want to fight them for some reason.

Not every human has to like the same stuff, of course, but when people just don't want to try new things to see if they'd like it out of anxiety or mental issues or have a pre-disposition to hating new food because it's different from what they know.. yeah, I'd wage full scale war against those people happily.

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