Magsorc - struggling to change my build away from pets - need some guidance

Sustaining the Asylum staff build requires synergies from group. If you're looking to solo content that is not the build for you. However if you are looking to do trials and group content, perhaps it could be a useful method of learning how to manage sustain, but that would be your choice. Instead of doing Siroria's + Acuity + Asylum like Alcast recommends, you could do Ilambris + Moondancer + Mother's Sorrow in the meantime and work your way towards a non-perfected Asylum staff. Then I'd stick with Moondancer + Acuity + Asylum after that.

The Asylum staff build isn't DPS-optimised but it's used for Crushing Shock interrupts and applying status effect debuffs. If you're looking for pure DPS, consider running Skoria + BSW + Sorrow and using Elemental Weapon as the spammable instead. You can then work your way to Zaan and Siroria's to replace Skoria and BSW.

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