Maintenance QA. What's it really like?

it can suck major dog dick at times, not gonna lie. do we hate our job sometimes? yeah. like heres my two weeks notice... do i love my job? most of the time. does it suck that some nonner sitting in the ac/heat who fucks up his job gets paid the same as me? oh yeah. would i trade it for anything else in the air force? not really, only three jobs i can think of are FE, load, or 1A3.

Downtime really depends on which MX job and what base you're at. i only have experience with one base, and being here for over 6 years and seeing people come into my shop from fighters/props, we have it easy as a shop and unit here. we actually get ACC downdays, weekends, and holidays... unless a jet is royally fucked or you are weekend duty crew. AND some times we even get lunch.

You dont really have to deal with QA (passes/fails) if you follow your T.O.... Briefings, im sure we get, maybe a little more, of the suicide and rape briefings then office jobs... probably about the same amount as secfo. Additional duties - once you make some rank you can go to MOC/Debrief. NCOs can get qa, vehicle nco, safety rep, RA, ufpm, etc... if you are a piece of crap then usually CTK or debrief (any rank).

but take this with a grain of salt, as ive said, ive been at one base my whole (6 1/2 yr career) other bases are worse and im sure other bases are a lot better

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