Is maison ikkoku Anime is completely adapted the manga or their is something left which didn't get adopted?

I can understand how the lack of forward progression for a large portion of the series can be grating

It's not that. It was [Maison Ikkoku spoilers]Hey, I can't make my mind about which guy I should date (perfectly valid) so let's be a little more forward with one but let's leave the door open with the other. Even better, let's go to the beach all three of us! Unless you are into some weird social BDSM the story made no sense. [Maison Ikkoku spoilers]If you care about a person, even just as a friend, and you know that said person have a crush for you, you wouldn't leave him "hanging" while you get physical with another dude. It shows that either you don't care about their feelings, or you do and you are evil. In both cases, it's just awful to look at. The worst part is that the story treats the scenarios as some sort of "comical relief" (the trip with all of them combined).

If that would have been some teenager rom-com I would have understood it perfectly fine. It's comedy and nobody expects the characters to behave rationally. But these are adults, in a more serious tone (Why having the theme of the [Maison Ikkoku spoilers]dead husband if this was just some comedy?) yet for the sake of causing "drama" they end up in situations witch clearly, beyond any doubt proves that they are definitely not in love, and they don't care for each other. Which makes it really hard to root for them, which makes reading the whole thing pointless.

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