The major difference between male and female sexuality is: Women are turned on by being desired.

At first, yes. Then the onus is on the man to keep her attracted once the novelty of his physical attraction wears off. This is what the majority of men do not comprehend about female nature.

There is a reason we call it the cock carousel, other than the metaphor of it going round and round while she rides every horsie on it. Carousels are found in circuses. Women love the circus, they love the variety, the novelty, and the unpredictability of it. They especially love the chad. But ultimately it is the clown

that can sustain her attention after she finishes riding the carousels and settles. Men have to be clowns to women in the sense that he is skilled in keeping her interested in the game, keeps her hooked and invested just like a clown maintains the attention of the crowd.

When a woman is drawn by a clown's entertainment she will only keep her attention on him as long as he is a clown; and keeps providing her with clowns funny entertainment. The moment he stops performing for her, her attention will dissipate. She then jump back on the carousel.

When a disposable beta clown are in relationships with women this is why it feels like work, work, work. Work to please her, work to keep her interested, work to make her feel special, work to provide for her, work satisfy her, work to make her laugh, work to intrigue her, work to maintain her, work to feed, clothe, and provide for her, work to buy her the house she wants, and on and on and fucking on! To no end.

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