Why is it that major media sources do not put a more focused emphasis on climate change?

I think that's part of the problem with how news companies approach the topic though. While climate change is an abstract issue, it doesn't necessarily have to be covered that way. The science behind it is, but its effects aren't necessarily hard to grasp. If they can teach it in school to middle schoolers, I think the news can manage to convey it to full grown adults. National debt policy, implications of colluding with an enemy during a presidential campaign, conflicts with foreign powers, health care, etc. are all complicated issues but they get those points across. There are ways to make people understand climate change. One way would be simply to frame natural disasters that are taking place much more regularly all across America as climate change. They could even slap one of those stupid BREAKING NEWS banners across the screen as the events occur. And while the fossil fuel industry has certainly made it a wedge issue, I don't think there is any amount of influence they can have that can change peoples' interest in watching natural disasters wreak havoc through major cities. I feel like it doesn't have to be much harder than that.

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