Majority of Britons continue to think The Government should prioritise health over economy in COVID-19 response. People's health is seen as more important than the country's economic health in latest Ipsos MORI poll.

Of course they don't follow each other exactly; they however depend on each other to work successfully. It's not a case of having them both follow each other identically, but rather that it's such a fragile balance that you can't even contemplate slightly disregarding one, which would effectively be the consequence of prioritising the other.

Repayments to who? We can't just go printing money to cover our debts and write an indefinite IOU to ourselves. That has the potential to turn a recession into a total financial collapse. Hyperinflation and all that potentially comes with such an idea is something to avoid at all costs.

When it's safe compared to what? What suggests that it isn't right now if correct measures to protect those doing so are observed?

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