Majority of Philadelphians think people with opioid addiction brought it on themselves, survey finds

It says "opiods" -- that covers a ton of different prescribed medications -- only the dumbo condescending root comment said "heroin." Not me, not the guy I replied to, not the guy who replied to me. (And I didn't assume anything, I said I wasn't going to do a detailed all-inclusive writeup.) Shitting all over people who might have done something unwise like using pain pills to feel good (instead of societally accepted alcohol that you can drink yourself to death on and rarely be judged) or escape emotional distress then had addiction take hold isn't going to help anyone but the high horse people like you who think it couldn't happen to them. I'm glad it didn't suck you in. Maybe you were stronger. Maybe no one around you had them. Maybe you just had an easier life. But your talking down is bs and shows a lack of perspective and knowledge.

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