Majority of UK public supports windfall taxes - Deficit is expected to be more than £300bn in the current financial year as result of pandemic

The problem is if your taxation basically relies on just the rich paying a load then the actual evidence tends to suggest overtaxation tends to reduce tax incomes. The 70s with extremely high income taxes on the wealthy was not some high water mark of UK tax income.

While I do support increase in taxes, I think countries like the Nordic countries basically show the way that needs to work, you need far more than 1% of people in a high tax band.. Fantasists like Bernie Sanders and of course Corbyn have of course become very popular off the back of suggesting massive increases in spending where no one but a few rich people would have to pay for it. But there's no countries where this is the case. All those countries with better welfare systems, bigger government spending.....that money is coming from more than a few billionaires.

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