Make-A-Wish and TotalBiscuit send League of Legends fan to Riot to design his own champion

Here's the comment from Daniel Klein, the Rioter that worked with Sam on his champion design, "Kadarin".

Hi friends! I was the champion designer who worked with Sam on Kadarin, joined by a small group of QA specialists, 3D artists, animators, concept artists, and writers. We knocked out a pretty cool prototype over the 3 days we had. It was so much fun working with Sam and his dad (who was super involved in ideation) to bring their idea to life! However, I should set some context here. Prototypes like Kadarin are made very often, and very few of them ever see the light of day as an actual champion. Rather we pick out bits and pieces we liked that seemed to work and apply these learnings to new champions. So while we made a really cool, fun prototype that Sam got to play against our playtesting team, there really isn't a direct path forward that would guarantee Kadarin will join the league. For those of you wondering: Kadarin was a marksman with a heat system. He could vent heat by attacking, and if he overheated he slowed himself by some ungodly amount but also got a ton of AS to help vent heat. His background was that he was a Noxian gladiator who was denied the honour of a good death in the arena by Draven, who crippled him instead. Kadarin dragged himself over to Zaun, where they rebuilt him into a special life support suit. We learnt a lot of cool fun things about designing ADCs, particularly mana-less ADCs. I personally also learnt something super valuable about a skill I'd been trying to make for years (skillshot that tags an enemy champion; after 1s of priming the tag is armed and you can consume the tag and stun the enemy by touching them). Unfortunately a lot of these learnings were in the vain of "here's why this doesn't work" or "this type of spell probably shouldn't live on a marksman". That said, I just this week pitched one of Kadarin's abilities for an in-development champion. We'll see what happens! Thanks again to Sam and his family for coming out and working with us. We had a blast, and speaking for myself, it felt great to be able to make a playable champion prototype in 3 days. TL;DR: This was a very cool and fun project that taught us a bunch of things, but it's unlikely you'll ever see Kadarin as a full package.

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