Making Dumb Mistakes at Work - Concern over Medical Career

Sounds like you're just having a bad week, but wow I actually really relate this and it's something that I've been thinking about recently after being swamped by secondaries. Is it possible you're overworked atm? Not sleeping enough? Stressed? Mistakes tend to happen under these conditions. Personally, I'm trying to slow down, not have too many commitments, and to really practice mindfulness and focusing on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking tends to create errors.

there's a massive difference between being at a hospital where people's lives really are at stake vs. the office. I can be kinda scattered during school and stuff, but the minute I go to clinic, my A game is there.

Side note - the fact that you are thinking about this and being self aware says a lot of good things about you. That's really good. Better to be aware of something and try to fix it, then be one of those awful docs who just go on with their day.

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