Making Friends

I’m happy this is working for you. I wish I found something that would work for me.

I’ve tried this but get turned down. Asked someone at a convenience store I got to often if they’d like to go to a concert with me (all on me) just as friends. Got a strange reaction & stuttering excuses.

I’ve tried asking mothers of my daughter’s friends if they would like to go Christmas shopping or go to lunch, always an excuse. One time this lady told me her dog is having stomach troubles and she couldn’t leave her dog for a few hours. I seen her a couple months later and asked if her dog is feeling any better. She gave me a strange puzzled look, which told me she had made it up. I have a plaque that says “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything”. She couldn’t remember the lie she told me.

I feel too insecure to even try again. I think some things work well for some and nothing works for others. I’m just part of the others.

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