Making Gary's nipple a plot point this season was just about the last straw for me.

Honestly, I thought that part was pretty great.

Keeping things vague; Gary has a long history of being mistreated or disregarded by the others, got injured and lost a part of his body in the field, and is now being tempted by "becoming whole" again.

Compare this to Highlander season 6; Joe loses his legs in a war he didn't believe in, dedicates himself to becoming a watcher just to find out they're corrupt too, and a demon offers to return his legs in exchange for selling out the main character.

(...None of you have seen the Highlander tv show, have you?)

They're taking the piss out of an established trope for demons, just like they took the piss out of the whole "summoning an embodiment of purity" trope with Beebo. This is just what Legends of Tomorrow does.

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