Making packs

It doesn't actually matter who is a fan of Sethbling or not, or who is a custom magic designer expert or not - It's not even a requirement to have owned a mario game in your life to submit an idea here or on any other card design subreddit.

'Funny that you thought "my method" was something I invented' – pfft, hahaha, Don't assume what my thoughts are, no matter which community we meet in.

Only one person is having the final say on each card or the cube as a whole.

Do you think certain ideas were ignored? not always and not entirely.

How understanding and welcoming were the other communities? Not much at all, I guess I learned to become like them - sorry about that.

The entire point of having card ideas is to make them better, something you didn't bother to stay and help others understand what you understand.

How many people did you invite to other communities to learn more? – Probably zero.

How many from the other communities did you bring to help out? – Probably zero.

The foresight was to make a cube of a certain type - that means not making it a cube of another type. You calling it "strange" is a subjective/personal view not an objective evaluation.

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