Making people face the reality is key to breaking spell of progressivism, but how can you make them face it?

The problem is that progressivism, just like conservatism or traditionalism, is an over-arching framework for interpreting human nature, society, history. So you really can't fight it with facts, as it can accommodate any kind of information without breaking. When you confront a progressive, you are really dealing with a completely different mindset at a very fundamental level.

The progressive, as the name indicates, sees history as a long march of progress from obscurantism and barbarism into a egaliarian nirvana, set in a future always just out of reach. For the traditionalist, the past is where the ideal society is located, whether it's the fifties, fascist Europe, Imperial Rome, or something else, and history is a process of decadence caused by the progressive disappearance of male virtues, family structure, public mores.

The progressive sees human nature as a blank slate. Anything is possible! Just don't hold me back with your laws and your prejudices, bro! Any differences between races, genders, social classes, or even individuals are not real, just social constructs. Given half a chance, everyone will rise to the same level. The conservative sees a man's talents as essentially inherited, and further conditioned by the circumstances of his birth. That means that for the progressive, meritocracy will result in a strictly horizontal society, without any kind of privilege, while for the conservative, the very same conditions will lead to a highly stratified hierarchy, in which the best rise to the top.

The progressive seems any form of ethics and morality as extremely repressive: daddy issues written large. The conservative sees the cultivation of virtue as essential to actualizing human potential, to becoming a man or a woman. For the conservative, work, war, family life, are all character-forming. The progressive idealizes life as a kind of perpetual Woodstock: no more war, no more work (just give everyone a basic salary!), no family (free love!).

I could go on, but you see my point. Everything you can say to a progressive will be filtered by his worldview. If science contradicts him, then the science itself is suspect, it's white cis science. If history contradicts him, then it's a temporary setback, reactionary forces regrouping to hold back the march of progress. Sociologically, progressives are group people, so when in doubt, they return to their bubble to shore up their beliefs. In many senses, it functions like a cult. And if you've ever been in a cult, you'll know that no-one can help you. You have to find your own way out.

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