Making Sense Podcast #207 - Can We Pull Back From The Brink?

He wants to talk down to black society. He's always done it.

Still waiting for you to quote something to me from the podcast he just did where he specifically called out blacks.

And you'll have to forgive me if I don't click on your link to the left-wing analog to Fox News. But it's also besides the point. If you just disagree with the facts as he presents them, that's fine. That's part of a discussion. Talking about real facts assumes that people are talking at all, which we're really not doing for the most part and was the highlight of his episode.

He even admits that theres data showing black people have MORE non-lethal interactions with cops too.

Yes, Sam has said repeatedly before that he thinks those areas are UNDERpoliced for violent crimes and homicides, since only a quarter of them are ever solved at all, but that there's OVERpolicing in other matters like marijuana usage and other misdemeanors.

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