Making too much noise? That's a mass execution. Guess the state.

This will get me negative votes, but I live in florida and recently a man delivering Uber eats was dragged into the customers house, and stabbed to death. I do freelance delivery and I think it would of been nice if it was me to shoot that man in the head if I had to, I wouldn't mind if I needed a psych test and a permit to carry the gun I'm not a fucking lunatic who thinks guns should be in everyone's hands, but for those calling for a total ban, why ban all gun ownership outright? Why, so I have to intimately stab anyone who mugs/attempts to assault me? Go fuck yourself I'd rather take a psych test and pay a permit and liability insurance on the gun, so would the women in my family who ever have to be in a parking lot late at night alone, I'd rather my sisters have to shoot a man than stab/hope to overpower them/risk macing themselves in the face to mace the stranger, there should be strict laws not a full on ban

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