Malapit na akong mag-resign because of office politics

Coming from a managerial perspective, walang masama sa ginagawa mo.

At the end of the day, you are all employees of the company and should act accordingly as you are all being payed and compensated for, regardless if youre rank and file or higher, this applies to all including your leader and he should know how to weigh that when it comes to mediation.

My advice is to report the actions of those ones who act inappropriately according to your company's HR guidelines, make sure to only report what is deemed unprofessional, i know for a fact that IRs like these are confidential and treated with utmost disclosure.

Don't be afraid to tell your story to the right people. Kung walang ginawa yung HR, only then magdecide ka umalis, kasi baka sila kinain na ng sistemang office politics. Sa totoo lang mas pipiliin ko yung maayos magtrabaho at productive kesa yung tenured na mabagal na nga toxic pa.

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