Malaysian diplomat murdered in Madagascar last week was tasked with transporting pieces of suspected MH370 wreckage to investigators


In Madagascar, his name is associated to the kidnapping of members of the karana community Fianarantsoa in 2009. Suspected of participating, he was incarcerated in Tsiafahy, then to the Antanimora prison, he could return to the country freely, in December 2010, causing outrage in the karane community.


Troubled past The police arrived on site make the first observations and collect clues to find leads for the investigation. For the moment, no information to determine the motive for the crime. The comments heard here and there suspect a settling of accounts between the victim and members of his community. In February 2010, an arrest warrant had been issued against him and other defendants for a history of kidnapping in Fianarantsoa, where he received a provisional release. It is unclear whether his murder is related to these stories of kidnapping in which his name was often quoted. This assassination in the city center and at a time of peak, near the central police station, Tsaralalana, shows was how insecurity has reached unimaginable levels. At home, in the street, in his car, on the bus, in the city, in the countryside, the Church, under the grave, the bandits are everywhere. The deterrent presence of Security Forces is far from discouraging the criminals.

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