As a male in America I'm actually deathly afraid of being falsely accused of rape

Considering 1% of the world's population are psychopaths a) those aren't all women b) those aren't all women the age that OP would sleep with c) those aren't all women within whatever radius around OP that he would interact with

I can't shit out that percentage off the top of my head but factoring those in drops that to be less than 1%, making your calculation intellectually dishonest.

Besides, OP isn't sleeping with 100 people. The average number of sex partners for a millenial are 8.26 according to this study by SDSU. So even if you use that farse that 1% of the women OP sleeps with will falsely accuse him, that leaves him with a 92.03% chance of being false accused; which doesn't play into your point too well does it?

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