Male circumcision affects women too!! but hardly anyone realizes because female pleasure is so oft overlooked

Excellent question. Simple answer: Yes. Alcohol is a drug, and I've put down a 24 pack of Yuengling so far and started in on the Corona, as I track the progress of n. Coronavirus. Fun fact, I am literally always drunk when I post here, it's the only way I can get up the courage to engage this community, which is fundamentally not a safe space for me.

This sub, I don't really belong here, it's an innately hostile place for me. I only post when I've got a load of Dutch Courage in me and the fact that anything I type is even halfway cogent stands as a testament to how much of the poison I can handle. But that works out fine, because I drink a lot anyway, and that's how I cope with seeing my best friend get blown up by a 13 year-old detonating a suicide vest, because the VA is shit for mental healthcare. And I know no one here will ever like me, but I keep coming back, because I have gained certain insights, that the women here may benefit by learning them, and honestly, I don't have much else to live for.

So yes, I am on drugs. I've become an inebriate. And I have the intuition I'm going to die fairly soon. But I'll do as much good as I can until then.

Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.

-Marcus Aurelius.

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