Do you think we have male privilege?

Let's go through the first 10 of your list:

  1. If you have a bad day or are in a bad mood, people aren’t going to blame it on your gender. - Not everyone blames women's bad mood on their gender. In fact, most people do not. I've never actually heard anyone in 40 years of life say "oh she's in a bad mood cause she's on the rag".
  2. You can be careless with your money and not have people blame it on your gender. - I have also never heard anyone say someone spends money carelessly because they are a woman.
  3. You can be a careless driver and not have people blame it on your gender. - This I have heard, but I get the same thing for being Asian. It's really not that big of a deal.
  4. You can be confident that your coworkers won’t assume you were hired because of your gender. - This seems to presume that some women are hired because of their gender, which seems like it means women have the privilege, not men.
  5. If you are never promoted, it isn’t because of your gender. - I would like to see the evidence that women are not promoted because of their gender. I've worked in corporate environments for years and never seen women penalized for their gender. Like not even once.
  6. You can expect to be paid equitably for the work you do and not paid less because of your gender. - This is also very unsupported by evidence. I have never seen a female coworker paid less due to gender.
  7. If you are unable to succeed in your career, that won’t be seen as evidence against your gender in the workplace. - I'm a little confused by the wording of this. Are they saying when a woman doesn't succeed it will be used as evidence against women in the workplace? I don't see how this is a privilege issue.
  8. A decision to hire you won’t be based on whether the employer assumes you will be having children in the near future. - It is illegal to use this as a hiring criteria. However, I do see how this is legitimate argument. But I do not believe this is something worth screaming over. It's biology and economics. Not really anyone's fault.
  9. You can generally work comfortably (or walk down a public street) without the fear of sexual harassment. - This one is legit, but I don't think this is something that hold women back in life. More like something that makes life less pleasant.
  10. You can generally walk alone at night without the fear of being raped or otherwise harmed. - This is legit, but can be overcome by getting a concealed weapons permit. I also think the odds of being assaulted at night by a stranger and raped are pretty low. The reality is more likely that you will be date-raped as a woman.
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